Vapers Emporium (Genie-juice Ltd)

Vapers Emporium UK Limited - logo

Vapers Emporium is run by Genie-juice Ltd, who are based in Kirkham.  They specialise in vaping and E Liquid. They retail solutions for e-cigarettes online through their Vapers Emporium website. They offer their customers a solution that is one of the most adaptable and customisable ways of enjoying a safer, healthier and more cost effective alternative to tobacco and cigarettes.

AWP Computer Services have been working with Vapers Emporium since May 2014. We support them in all aspects of the IT and this includes the set-up, configuration and hosting of their eCommerce website. The company had experieced issues with their previous IT support providers and, on a consultative and support basis, we helped them secure access of their domain name after a dispute.

We published the new version of the Vapers Emporium website, which is built on the PrestaShop “open Source” eCommerce platform, in January 2015. The new site was upgraded to new version of PrestaShop and is now taking Payments through the PaymentSense gateway, as well as the original PayPal option.

Visit the Vapers Emporium website: